Popular Mens Underwear

Men are now more discerning than ever when it comes to their underwear and the days when they would leave it to their mum or wife to buy their pants are slowly disappearing. They are now taking charge of buying their underwear and know exactly what they want. Best mens underwear 2021

The increasing number of modish men in today’s society means that there is now a growing trend for them to have the right labels and styles in their underwear drawer. This has lead to a greater demand on mens underwear designers to offer a wider choice of styles and fabrics as well as practicality.

This season sees a change from the strong vibrant colours of summer to more muted tones but with the occasional splash of gold and silver sparkle. The continuation of retro styles in both fitted boxer shorts and briefs seeming a popular choice.

Fitted boxer shorts are still the market leader but the trend is going towards the more minimal trunks such as the apropopants and hipsters which fit lower on the hip and are much shorter in the leg, with well cut pouches to offer support and control. Waist bands are designed to be seen, and are often different from the main body of the underwear, many of which feature the designers logo and name prominently.

Whilst designer mens trunks are favoured by most men, designer mens thongs are a popular second, as men increasingly recognise the value and qualities these have for offering the best support for an active life style.

Fabrics are becoming ever more technically advanced, with fibres designed to wick away sweat from the skin, super soft cottons and sensual microfibres are just a few of the option available. Super light weight fabrics which are so light it is like you have nothing on are also a growing trend.

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