Learn How To Behave When You Are With Pretty Women

Many men look at pretty women as goddesses and before they even speak to them, they have already rated them highly out of their league. This is normal since pretty women do appear to be amazing and make use feel a lot less compare to them.

Men are fond of awarding points to women based on their looks despite the fact that some women can be very pretty but simply senseless or brainless. It is rare but not impossible to find a pretty girl with a great head on her shoulders as well. กลุมลับ

There are many women who are actually pretty, intelligent, funny and extremely great but these women often seem to scare most men off. Men tend to see such women as much better than them and therefore way out of their league. However, such women actually tend to go for guys who would be rated as average.

If you come across such a woman, make sure you do not overly exalt her. Think of her as similar to a celebrity you secretly admire say, Jessica Alba who, on a scale of 1 to 10 would rate at 10.

If you meet a woman who rates high, be sure to take note. However, you will realize that most nice women lay somewhere between 7 and 8. This only means you can actually speak to them easily.

Never forget that good looks are just on the surface. A pretty woman can easily become a monster if she has some bad habits. Be sure to find out more about her than the eye can see.

Have a list of attributes that your dream girl should have. You might exactly find a woman with all of them but be sure to find out how many she has by actually talking to her.

Always know that the woman will not fit the bill perfectly and she will have some attributes missing. This way, you will talk to her more smoothly and you will be more relaxed. This increases your chances of getting got know her better and if she is good enough for you, she might be your jackpot!


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