How To Operate An Air Compressor

Air compressors have made a lot of jobs easier since there invention. There are a couple of different types of air compressors each with their air compressor own negatives and positives. In a positive displacement compressor the air forced into machine and a piston then pushes it down allowing the air to come out. Now a negative displacement compressor works on a similar principal of forcing the air out but it brings air n by forcing a spinning of a disk which creates the centrifugal force necessary to allow the air to come in and also have enough air to be pushed out.

There are many brands of compressors out on the market one of the best ones I have come across is the Boge compressors. They are simple compressors that anyone can use and are made with the highest quality of standards. When using the compressor there are several things to check first.

• Tank pressure Gauge – always check this first to see the level of air pressure is in your compression cylinder

• Air Pressure Regulator- this allows basic regulation of ait being pumped into a tire or tool depending on what you are using the compressor for.

• The Regulated air Pressure Gauge – measures the amount of air being introduced into the release valve at any given time

• Safety relief valve – in case of a problem always remember where the safely relief valve is you do not want to much pressure to build up in the cylinder tank.

Once you are familiar with reading the gauges which is important for safety you are pretty much ready to use the compressor which is pretty easy. First thing is to plug in the air compressor so it has power. It will just start to pump air into the tank at this point. Do not worry about leaking air or too much pressure the Boge compressors are equipped to detect the differences and compensate accordingly.

The next thing to do is to start pumping the air into tire if you are filling one or if you are using the air compressor as a tool accessory. You have to pay attention to the air pressure if there is not enough your tire will stop inflating or tool stop working. Not to worry it only takes 30 seconds for the air compressor to fill back up with air and your back on your way finishing the job. Granted these are only a small number of things you can do with a air compressor and how to use it, but as with any tool always read the safety manual or get instructions prior to using it to avoid any accidents.

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