Discover How to Attract Pretty Women – Easy Steps Revealed

Do you want to know how to attract pretty women? Probably you think they are “harder” to get than uglier women, right? In this article I will reveal all.

Pretty Women – Different Right?

Pretty women have guys staring at them all day long. Have you ever noticed how many pretty women don’t even look at guys in the street – they just walk with a shuffle and eyes straight ahead.

At first, you might think that they are scared of the attention but actually they are so fed up of it and so used to it. They are so used to guys having no “balls” to approach… กลุมลับ

Pretty Women Don’t Get Approached Much

You must remember that the average guy is a frustrated chump. The average guy may approach some girls when he has had a few beers already but he will never approach the real pretty women, the 8s, 9s and 10s, because he fears rejection.

This is actually a good thing because you can stand out from the crowd…

Approach – You’re Already Different

By approaching these hot babes you’ll automatically be processed by the woman’s brain into a higher status group than most guys. This is because you actually had the balls to just approach!

Don’t Lose Your Value

Now that you’ve made the approach, what’s important is that you are comfortable with who you are and do not seek approval from her.

Try to remain in a sideways body stance so it looks like you are interested in something else but just incidentally talking to her. Remember, body language means more than what you say.

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