Astrological Factors And House Building – Astrology Predictions 2010

It is not only man, the peak of creation, has the instinct of possessing a house but also it can be found in all through the animal kingdom. The cells of honey-comb of the bees are the models of mathematical skill and economy whilst the ant-hills are famous for their strength. So this fundamental instinct can never be the sole possession of man. But sorry to say, man owing to arrogance and pride often fails to pay attention to the astrological factors that are as significant as choosing a site or planning for the building.

A house may seem to be splendid and beautiful in its appearance, and may also have all the accessories in accordance with sanitary principles; here we find that the external factors that can be termed as the morphology of the house are intact. But has the due consideration been given to the psychological or internal factors involved? Every natural object has the ability to radiate cosmic force in various forms. The materials used for the construction and the beginning of the construction itself involve the incursion and interaction of a progression of such unseen forces that the time chosen should be able to exert forces congruent to these unseen radiations. The ancient Maharshis understood the significance of the interaction รับสร้างบ้านโคราช   of these forces between items in nature and man, though in modern times it happened to be a Russian engineer and scientist, Georges Lakhovsky who demonstrated its reality.

Every thing in nature whether animal, vegetable or mineral get generated and destroyed by dint of the effects of the solar ray and its different modifications. Many great edifices, made for the individual use or for the community or nation, have been the cause of downfall of the parties involved. One cannot say that the structures which have imposed loss or wreck to the promoters of the plans were not made with good engineering skills. When huge amounts of money are used for such endeavours, it is normal to think that the best brains in the engineering field had been checked with and highest care had been taken in getting right materials. If the best materials and the best intellects are utilized, naturally one may expect that the results will also be the best.

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