Esta Romi presents you with the ultimate luxury gift guide to find the gentleman in your life that little something, perfectly catered to their personality...

When it comes to buying gifts for men, the problematic issue can often be pigeonholing their interests into an overall male category, rather than taking the time to hone in on a predominant trait or interest and choosing a gift on this basis. Consider what makes him tick and what he actually enjoys doing with his time. Find a gift that can enhance or accompany these interests, and you're sure to be onto a winner.


Technology is always the word on the tip of this guy's tongue. He is always trawling the internet - on his brand new laptop no less - for recently released gadgets, as well as lusting over the newest models of sports cars. The Gadget Guy is an expert on what exactly he likes, by which brands, and in which model he prefers it in. Yes, this is one fussy customer. Find him a light-hearted gift that is both beautifully contemporary, yet technology-minded.
Esta Romi suggests: Gadgets don't get anymore sophisticated than the Ferrari Enzo Toy Car from Silverlit. Controlled by a highly interactive app, the 'toy' (if you can even call it that) boasts not only superior craftsmanship, but also a meticulously-detailed body design. And just wait until he hears the realism of the engine rev...
Silverlit - Bluetooth Ferrari Enzo Silverlit - Bluetooth Ferrari Enzo


Slick, suave and sartorially-superior; the trendy gent has a wardrobe that would put most fashionistas to shame. This is a gentleman that knows his Paul Smith from his Lanvin, and this expertise is directly displayed in his unrivalled head-to-toe style. Find him something that will make him step outside of his comfort zone; you never know, he might discover a whole new look...
Esta Romi suggests: Quaint and unique, the Jasper Copper Cufflinks from Alice Made This provides a quirky yet stylish addition to the wardrobe of the Trendy Gent.
Alice Made This - Jasper Copper Cufflinks Alice Made This - Jasper Copper Cufflinks


Constantly exploring new realms and soaking up the cultures of the various countries that he frequents, the Modern Backpacker loves to travel but slumming it just won't do. Luxury is his utmost concern, and the ultimate cultural experience means that the amenities play a very important factor. Only the finest travel accompaniments will do, so choose him a gift that reflects these requirements. Indeed, find him a gift that will allow him to travel light, but in style.
Esta Romi suggests: Lomography's beyond-beautiful La Sardina camera will allow him to document all of his travel adventures, but with a luxurious feel. Lightweight and with a glamorous casing, the Modern Backpacker will never be without this photographic travel buddy again.
Lomography - La Sardina Metal Edition Camera Lomography - La Sardina Metal Edition Camera


You'll often find the Sports Fanatic roaring or cheering at the television screen, drafting fantasy leagues for his favourite sporting events, or out attending games himself. His passion for sport is no way limited to just the one, but every Sports Fanatic will inarguably have his one weakness. Find out his top pick, and purchase a present accordingly. You'll never be out of his good books again...
Esta Romi suggests: Taschen's A Tribute To Muhammed Ali will appease any boxing fan. Unarguably the greatest heavyweight champion of all time, the volume truly captures the spirit of the game; with in-depth interviews, inspiring quotes, unseen images and many more...
Taschen - A Tribute to Muhammed Ali Taschen - A Tribute to Muhammed Ali


The Cultural Connoisseur is somewhat of an unashamed cultural snob. His free-time is spent poring over classic philosophical literature, attending intimate gigs, and casting his eyes on the latest innovative art exhibitions. But the one real weakness of this gentleman will always lie with fine food. He is a recurrent face at restaurant openings, pop-up kitchens, and tasting events; and he loves trying out cuisines from the far-flung regions of the world. The perfect gift should be a classic accompaniment to his interest, but allow him to try new things...
Esta Romi suggests: Our 'Fromage Fancies' luxury hamper is brimming with a variety of quality British-cheese accessories, gourmet crisp breads and award-winning chutneys. This will provide hours of sampling, tasting and learning for our Cultural Connoisseur.
Esta Romi - 'Fromage Fancies' hamper Esta Romi - 'Fromage Fancies' hamper


Some might say a workaholic, others would say just downright ambitious. Yes, the Corporate Kingpin is a gentleman who rules the kingdom of his chosen line of work, and is someone who is constantly on the upward rise to success. As these are often characters that will designate themselves to their office for days at a time, find him something that will not only remind him of you, but will also be able to function in his day-to-day activities.
Esta Romi suggests: It really doesn't get anymore stylish than this Mark/Giusti Cosmati case. Dual function, with a laptop slot, and also serving as a writing case; functional yet undeniably sophisticated.
Mark/Giusti - Cosmati Men's Laptop and Writing Case Mark/Giusti - Cosmati Men's Laptop and Writing Case