Esta Romi have created the ultimate gift guide to find the lady in your life something unique and catered to her personality...

When it comes to buying a gift for the lady in your life, it can often be a painstaking process which can result in the wrong gift. It’s always important first of all to carefully consider what kind of woman you’re buying for. When a gift is bought that seems generically gender-assigned, she will be able to detect the lack of thought that was put into the purchase. Find a unique gift specifically catered to that special lady, and you’re sure to be in her good books for a long time afterwards...


A dedicated expert in making a house a home, you’ll never catch the Domestic Goddess obsessing over retail. With impeccable taste, her passions lie in interior design and this is directly reflected in the meticulous layout and decoration of her home. Opt for something that won’t disrupt the carefully-considered decor of her house, but will still add an element of elegance and luxury.


L'Objet - Gold and swarovski links frame L'Objet - Gold and swarovski links frame

You can’t get any more luxurious than this dazzling photo frame from L’Objet. Composed of 24-karat gold and Swarovski links and lined with Swiss stretched silk, we guarantee it’ll be a hit with your Domestic Goddess.


This high-powered savvy lady is certainly no stranger to the corporate world. She dominates any sphere of work that she inhabits and there is no doubt that this is one passionate woman who has fixated her ambitions on the top rung of the career ladder, and is there to stay. Find her something useful, which won’t compromise function for elegance.


Montegrappa - Parola Fountain Pen Montegrappa - Parola Fountain Pen

Perfect for everyday understated sophistication, the Parola Fountain pen from Italian heritage brand Montegrappa is a thoughtful and timeless gift.


Wearing all of this season’s must-have pieces, the Style Maven’s presence attracts an almost instantaneous envy of her extensive wardrobe. Obviously her extremely refined taste means that it can make gift buying an absolute nightmare, so stray away from buying her any sort of apparel. You’re going to have to be a little more creative, and appeal to her sartorially-minded interests another way...


TASCHEN - Fashion Now! TASCHEN - Fashion Now!

Fashion Now! from Taschen highlights the seminal work of over 90 designers, as well as groundbreaking recent designs and awe-inspiring catwalk shots. It couldn’t be a more suitable gift...


The Travelista is a lady who is never happier unless she’s on the road. Exploring new countries, soaking up different cultures, and all the while, doing it in style. Find her something small and compact that she can take on her journeys to capture all the surrounding beauty.


Lomography - Diana Mini Latitude Camera Lomography - Diana Mini Latitude Camera

The Diana Mini Latitude Camera is undoubtedly the ideal travel buddy. With a sweet and quirky design, and in a miniature composition, it’s the perfect accompaniment from sweltering climes to cooler destinations.


A lipstick in every single shade and texture, eyeshadow colours to suit every occasion and outfit, and more brushes than she knows what to do with; we introduce the Beauty Junkie. However, her real concern always lies with purifying and primping from the inside. This means a beautiful complexion, buffed and glowing skin and glossy, healthy hair. For the beauty junkie, find her something unexpected that will contribute to her search for polished perfection.


Holistic Silk - Lavender-filled Eye Mask Holistic Silk - Lavender-filled Eye Mask

There is no better beauty aid, than your recommended eight hours of blissful uninterrupted shut-eye. Filled with soothing lavender, and composed of the finest silk and velvet, this jade eye mask from Holistic silk means that beauty sleep is never an issue.


She gets her kicks from frequenting the latest avant-garde art exhibition, and her house is inundated with dusty literary classics that she's thumbed through time and time again. This is one lady that is hard to keep up with both intellectually and culturally. For this type, it's best not to try and appease to her literary interest by buying her a fictional book. Chances are, unless you know her exceedingly well, she will have read it already. Instead attempt to stimulate other areas of interests she may not have developed as much.


Assouline - Fine Wines Assouline - Fine Wines

You can't go wrong with Assouline's bestselling Fine Wines book by international wine expert Michel Dovaz. Just be prepared for yet another topic that the Intellectual Lady wll add to her expertise.