With mid-February approaching at breakneck speed, it can only mean one thing: Valentine’s Day is here. We show you how to choose the lady or gent in your life, a luxury Valentine’s gift they’ll never forget...


We all know that women can be tricky to buy for; one error in judgement equals a poorly chosen present, and this in turn leads to one disappointed lady. And no one wants that. Start off with small gestures, gestures that tend to fizzle out when the initial years of dating (or marriage) fly by. Wake her up with breakfast in bed. And no we don’t mean a bowl of cereal, a spoon, and a ‘Here you go’; we’re talking the full works. Coffee, croissants and the rest of it. And to accompany the breakfast? Honestly, a beautifully arranged thoughtfully-presented bouquet of flowers is unlikely to go amiss.


Flowers may be cliché, but they’re popular every year come Valentine’s Day for a reason. They’re a beautiful and natural way of showing someone you care (plus we all know you will score brownie points when you know what her favourite flowers are). We recommend this Liberty Bouquet from Wild At Heart Flowers. Layer upon layer of blue, white and purple anemones, combined with scented lilac makes for a romantic and luxurious surprise.

Wild At Heart - Liberty Bouquet Wild At Heart - Liberty Bouquet


Show your sweetheart how much you care with our very own lovers-tailored hamper ‘The Sweetheart’. And your lady could not be any more pampered with the treats bursting out of our carefully-considered hamper. Complete with a stylist pink leather purse and a plethora of sweet treats including luxury Fauchon chocolates, raspberry Fossier macaroons and rose biscuits, and Farhi strawberry marshmallows, this extensively-opulent hamper will show her just how much you care.

Esta Romi Curated - Sweetheart Hamper Esta Romi Curated - The Sweetheart Hamper


Let her rest up her sore feet –in luxury no less – with these cashmere slippers from CASH CA ENGLAND. Knitted from the highest-quality cashmere, and emblazoned with cute red heart motifs, can you think of a better way to show you care?

CASH CA - Beige Cashmere Slippers with Heart Motif CASH CA - Beige Cashmere Slippers with Heart Motif


Let’s be honest here. Men can often forgo sentimentality in place of practicality. Well Valentine’s Day is neither the time nor place for overlooking such details. Surprise your loved one, and showcase your sensitive side by choosing a photograph of the two of you that she may have forgotten about. Next, present it to her in this beyond beautiful platinum braid frame from L’Objet.

L'Objet - Platinum Braid Frame L'Objet - Platinum Braid Frame


Sometimes men can be overlooked on this day that – let’s be honest - favours the females in terms of present receiving and gifting. But just because this is a common occurrence, doesn’t mean that you should neglect the man in your life. Come Valentine’s evening, after your dinner plans, let him pick the Valentine’s movie, no matter how occasion-inappropriate it may be. This will not only show that you consider his feelings and wants, but that you also appreciate his tastes; a win-win situation. For the gift, men will tend to favour items that can play an everyday role in his life, and don’t worry, this works in your favour too, as he’ll only be reminded of you in its daily use.


As he’s about to start his daily grooming routine, surprise him with this luxurious and stylish R1-S Monza Red Shaving Razor from Bolin Webb. Sporty and design-conscious, his skin (and wash bag!) will be thanking you for this comfortable and – conveniently - Gilette Mach3 compatible razor.

Bolin Webb - R1-S Monza Red Shaving Razor Bolin Webb - R1-S Monza Red Shaving Razor


For the style-conscious man in your life (and with our help), it’s about to be a very happy Valentine’s Day indeed. These unique Dawson Brass Cufflinks from Alice Made This pack a sartorial statement punch with their minimalistic metal-specialist design.

Alice Made This - Dawson Brass Cufflinks Alice Made This - Dawson Brass Cufflinks


Now, despite the fact this is the 21st century. Many men can be pamper-shy. What is this affliction, you ask? It’s an averse dislike to any sort of ‘beautifying’ product or gismo that can lower their perceived levels of masculinity. So out with the heavy-duty eye creams, and moisturising gloves, the easy way of pampering your man, is the simple remedy of a solid eight hours of shut eye. Well then, this CASH CA cashmere eye mask is sure to be appreciated...

CASH CA - Cashmere Eyemask CASH CA - Cashmere Eye Mask


Men can obviously appreciate sentimentality, but going overboard can sometimes be met with a raised eyebrow or a stashed gift collecting dust in a drawer. So combine sentimentality with practicality and your efforts will be surprisingly appreciated. We’re thinking along the lines of this charming tangerine-coloured ‘Lovers I Had and Liked’ notebook from Archie Grand. Pencil in your own sweet little note, and see that smile creep in...

Archie Grand - 'Lovers I Had and Liked' Notebook Archie Grand - 'Lovers I Had and Liked' Notebook