Have you been naughty or nice this year? We here at Esta Romi know it isn’t always easy to please the people in your life, especially when you’re on their naughty list... Don’t worry; our gift guide will get you in their good books in no time.


Take initiative and establish common ground with the boss with our Esta Romi Curated leather-bound Golf Courses book. Now, this one may be a leap of faith, but this Christmas, attempting to swerve your conversation topic away from the mundane of work may be surprisingly beneficial. And with this portfolio of premier golf photographer David Cannon, that shouldn’t be a problem. The calfskin-leather volume showcases the most spectacular landscape perspectives of world-famous golf courses ranging from St. Andrew’s Old Course, to New Zealand’s Cape Kidnappers Golf Course. Impress your boss with your knowledge, enthusiasm and similarities.

Esta Romi Curated - Golf Courses Book Esta Romi Curated - Golf Courses Book


We all have that neighbour, the one who’s never particularly warmed to us. Well, we here at Esta Romi guarantee you that this year will be different, with the perfect Christmas gift that is... And we couldn’t think of a more stunning white flag peace offering, than these lavish novelty salt and pepper shakers from L’Objet. Plated with 24-carat gold and meticulously encrusted with Swarovski crystals, we don’t doubt that this gift will be the start of many amicable Christmas’ to come.

L'Objet Salt and Pepper Shakers L'Objet - Bird Salt and Pepper Shakers 


You’ve dined them, and wined them, and yet the evening is drawing to a close without an inkling of whether the client is satisfied. Well it's time to unlease your final method of persuasion, and you can't go wrong with our 12-year-old bottle of Chivas Regal. A rich blend of various malt and grain Scotch whiskies, your client's senses will be pleasantly overwhelmed with subtle notes of butterscotch, crisp apples and hazelnut. A perfect post-dinner supplement to have your client enchanted and content.

Chivas Regal - 12 Year Old Whisky Chivas Regal - 12 Year Old Whisky


Years have flown by, and you’re sad to say that a few friendships have fallen to the wayside. However, there’s no better time than the festive period of Christmas to rekindle the flame of a dwindling friendship. We suggest reminding them of your past shared memories with a photo of old times, cradled by our very own Esta Romi Curated Shagreen Leather picture frame. The shagreen-embossed calfskin leather frame comes in a rich chocolate brown shade or alternatively an elegant charcoal grey colour. Visually stunning; we won’t blame them if the memories come flooding back...

Esta Romi Curated - Shagreen Leather Frame Esta Romi Curated - Shagreen Leather Frame


Christmas is the perfect time to make your feelings known, and what better what to do it than with a beautiful bouquet of flowers? Yes, the old-fashioned floral route will make your romantic intentions clear, as well as serving as a decadent home-decoration for your loved one. We think our fragrant ‘Wild at Heart’ vintage rose knot should do it; Faith, Amnesia, Memory Lane and Sahara roses carefully bundled in a charming bouquet – classic and understated elegance.

Esta Romi - Wild At Hearts Roses Esta Romi - Wild At Hearts Roses